Chittaranjan Delivers Unmatched Solutions for Windows Web Hosting in Nashik

Chittaranjan offers a wide range of Windows Web Hosting plans on their cloud servers. Each of the plans featured by us, come with fast SSD Storage. We offer many tools in order to make the Window Server management process easier. We have a wide range of tools that includes live statistics and monitoring, file system rescue mode, DNS management and powerful API.

Chittaranjan offers Windows Web Hosting with highly powerful and flexible Parallels Plesk Panel with unique functionalities. Our Windows Hosting Plans include free website building tools with extensive numbers of templates. Currently we are catering web hosting services to massive numbers of websites across the globe. We deliver a wide array of solutions offering unlimited hosting space with unlimited bandwidth.

Which type of websites need windows web hosting servers?

If you are looking out for a web hosting plan on web, then you must get aware that Web Hosting Service providers all around the world offer two types of web hosting servers Linux and Windows. Linux though is widely popular; Windows is preferably the second choice as because it offers world class support. There are lots of similarities as well as dissimilarities between both of the hosting servers.

Selecting the web host platform is the initial step of designing an effective website for enterprise or individual. A website absolutely needs enough space for web page, personal blogs as well as for incorporating high quality multimedia. Likewise an e-commerce site requires high storage for displaying massive numbers of products, its related contents and images. Thus, selecting the right web hosting server is essential.

Exclusive features of windows web hosting you need to know

  • Windows Web Hosting utilizes the server running on Microsoft’s Operating System which is called Window Server.
  • Windows Server delivers single purpose solution for the internet service providers and application developers.
  • Building web pages and creating web services on Windows Hosting ensures communication with other platforms.
  • The websites using .NET framework, ASP and/or ASP.NET, IIS, ColdFusion, C#, Visual Basics (VB) and Other Microsoft solutions such as SharePoint and Exchange need Windows Web Hosting solutions for running Windows Server.
  • Unlike Linux, for using Windows server, it is essential to purchase Windows license.

Why to hire us for windows web hosting services?

  • Chittaranjan does offer high end customer support and help in selecting the right plan for Windows Web Hosting.
  • We have an excellent support team we precisely craft the Windows Web Hosting plan that includes high bandwidth, storage, backups and monitoring, with reliability, user-friendly control panel and strong technical support.
  • We work as per the personal specifications and requirements of the clients.
  • We deliver real time tech support that empowers the website to gain high and maintain its visibility on the search engine platform.
  • We are well known for offering the most cost-efficient Windows Web Hosting services.