What is A File Tracking System?

A File Tracking System (FTS) is a software that keeps track of movement of files, documents & receipts in an organization.

The file tracking software is web based application that allows users to store crucial data on centralized platform for better decision making. Chittaranjan Infotech’s File Tracking Software introduces the system to integrate technology with the administrative process and is beneficial for the institution. It acts as a new achievement factor in addition to traditional sources of advantages. It computerizes the file, stores it in digital format, and tracks its movement.

In file movement tracking system, users can create a file, upload/download documents, move it for approval to authorities from different sections irrespective of their physical location. File creators can view the complete status of the file movement. One can search for files by using keywords, file name, file number, approximate file creation date, etc.

Chittaranjan Infotech’s QR Code Based File Tracking System

Get the Chittaranjan Infotech’s File/Document Tracking Solution to track vital documents in your organization for the sake of decision making. Workflow-based file tracking system gives a complete history of documents right from entry to storage.

Though many organizations transforming to digital, it is inevitable to have paper-based records and this needs a sophisticated tracking system that depicts the information regarding where it is? To whom it is assigned? View a complete history of documents right from the point of purchase to right at the moment. Not only paper-based assets need a tracking system, a digital document too needed, to share, manage, approve, store, and secure it. And this process can be done with Chittaranjan’s Document/File Tracking Solution using QR Code.

The Functionality of the File Tracking System

The file tracking system has the following functionalities & it can be easily integrated with university, college, and school management system for maximizing institution’s productivity.

  • Users can create files to move from one desk to another among different section users.
  • While creating a file, users can upload documents and select the desired receiver & submit it.
  • Once the file is submitted it moves to the receiver. At the same time, an Email and SMS sent to a receiver as a notification.
  • After login, the receiver can view these files at “Receive File” Page of the file tracking system.
  • Also user can manage the various Status of the file.
  • On every movement receiver will get a notification via email and SMS.

Benefits of File Tracking System Software

  • Users can create any number of files
  • Can be embedded with student management system for easy information search
  • Users can upload any number of documents and avoid paperwork
  • The creator can track the movement of a file
  • Users will get a notification via email and SMS
  • Users will get the required file quickly and easily using the search option

Reports & MIS

  • Consolidated file list can be generated with a few clicks.
  • Reports with different file movement status like- Pending, In Process, Forward, Return, Completed, etc.
  • A complete file movement tracking report is generated for a single file. Per day count of files generated at a particular user's login area can be revealed.
  • Status reports for a single file are generated with user remarks as well.

Chittaranjan Infotech’s most trusted 'File Tracking Tracking' system can be implement in Government offices, Schools, Colleges, and Universities without any hassles. You can be up and be running in just a few days, as it combines all aspects and functionalities of educational institutions.