Chittaranjan Provides The Right Answers For Business Promotion At Cheap Rates!

Chittaranjan provides ultimate solutions for brand marketing. We provide highly reliable bulk SMS service gateways for integrating into software, online portals, and various applications. Before sending any promotional messages in support of the brand, our Bulk SMS solution filters the mobile numbers that have activated Do Not Disturb.

We have designed the Bulk SMS service for businesses based on their specific requirements. We have generated specific SMS routes that smartly divides the informational messages and the promotional campaigns. We provide scalable and measurable SMS services that are fast and personalised.

How can bulk SMS services be beneficial to businesses?

Are you familiar with Short Message Service or simply SMS and its effectiveness as a business marketing tool? With the modern mobile revolution, businesses need to stay technologically up to date. In today's highly competitive market, businesses must communicate with existing and future customers!

Bulk SMS service is the most reliable and cost-effective form of marketing that makes it the most adorable. It’s a legacy description of application-to-person SMS messaging services. With this simple but effective service, sending large numbers of SMS to a predetermined group of recipients can help you reach a large number of potential customers.

Why is Bulk SMS Service so popular in today's mobile-trending world?

  • Sending SMS is considered to be the best and fastest way to reach the largest number of mobile users with immediate action.
  • This is the best tool for sharing information with a large number of mobile users.
  • Bulk SMS services provide the most cost-effective way of communicating with a large number of users while maintaining a user-friendly interface.
  • SMS service is an efficient way of communicating with both existing and future customers.
  • Bulk SMS services can be incredibly beneficial to businesses of all sizes and types.

Grab the incredible benefits of bulk sms service

Businesses that are new to mobile marketing should not ignore the benefits of Bulk SMS Service. SMS service has been defined as an efficient marketing channel that can be used by business owners, marketing agencies, community groups, or any other enterprise with a variety of aspects. The bulk SMS service allows you to measure the impact of the message you sent to your recipients.

With bulk SMS service, tracking the delivery reports can help calculate the number of hits or sales generated by SMS. Bulk SMS services are thus regarded as the most efficient and effective method of mass communication. Bulk SMS Services can be used by businesses to send out reminders and keep their customers up to date. This can be useful for sharing promotional offers, incentives, discount coupons, competitions, booking confirmation, and so on.

Why should you use our Bulk SMS Services?

  • Chittaranjan provides a top-quality bulk SMS module that combines a wide range of features that are important for the smooth operation of a business’s promotional activities.
  • Our Bulk SMS Service runs on a web-based administration tool that does not require any software installation.
  • We ensure that our bulk SMS module exceeds email marketing.
  • We ensure sure-shot SMS delivery.
  • We offer the most comprehensive Bulk SMS Service pricing in the market.