Chittaranjan Provides The Right Answers For Business Promotion At Cheap Rates!

Chittaranjan offers ultimate answers for marketing the brand. We offer highly reliable bulk SMS service gateways for integrating into the software as well as online portal and different applications. Before sending any of the promotional messages in favour of the brand, our Bulk SMS solution filters the mobile numbers that have activated Do Not Disturb.

We have designed the Bulk SMS service in favour of the enterprises as per unique specifications of business. We have defined specific routes for SMS that divides the informational messages and the promotional campaigns smartly. We render fast and personalized SMS services that are highly scalable and measurable.

How can bulk sms service turn to be beneficial for enterprises?

Are you acquainted with Short Message Service or simply SMS and its efficiency as a business marketing tool? With the globalized mobile revolution, it is indeed highly essential for the business to stay upgraded with the technology. Highly competitive market demands the businesses to communicate with the present and prospective customers!

Bulk SMS service is the most reliable and cheap form of marketing that makes it the most adorable. It’s a legacy description of application-to-person SMS messaging services. With this simple but effective service, sending large numbers of SMS to predetermined group of recipients can be helpful in reaching large number of probable customers!

Why bulk sms service is highly fascinated in the current mobile trending world?

  • Sending SMS is considered as the fastest way for reaching maximum numbers of mobile users with instant action.
  • This is the appropriate way to spread information among several mobile users.
  • Bulk SMS services offer the most reasonable means of messaging to multiple numbers of users with user-friendly interface.
  • SMS service is effective means of communicating with existing as well as potential clients.
  • Bulk SMS services can be endlessly useful for enterprises relating to varying business profiles.

Grab the incredible benefits of bulk sms service

The enterprises that are new to mobile marketing must not skip the advantages of Bulk SMS Service. SMS service has been defined as the effective marketing channel which can be utilized by the business owners, marketing agencies, community groups or any other enterprise with varied aspects. Bulk SMS service allows measuring the impact of the message shared with the recipients.

With this service, tracking the delivery reports of the message can be helpful in measuring the amounts of hits or sales generated through the SMS. Bulk SMS service is thus regarded as the best and effective mass communicating method. The enterprises can avail the Bulk SMS Services for sending reminders of the business and updating the customers in large. This can be useful in sharing promotional offers, incentives, discount coupons, competitions, confirmation about booking, etc.

Why to consult us for Bulk SMS Services?

  • Chittaranjan offers top quality bulk SMS module that combines wide range of features that are essential for smooth running of business’s promotional activities.
  • Our Bulk SMS Service runs on web-based administration tool that doesn’t require any software installation.
  • We ensure that our bulk SMS module is designed to be superior over email marketing.
  • We ensure sure-shot SMS delivery.
  • We charge the most comprehensive price for Bulk SMS Service in the market.