Chittaranjan Delivers Perfect Server Hosting Solutions as Applicable

Chittaranjan delivers secured and exceptional services for VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting that counts on heightening the business success. We have experts who decide the right web hosting package for the business weighing the essential factors of the business. The experts offer different options for the customers seeking VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting solutions.

We host the right application depending on the infrastructure of the enterprise. We offer full root access with the server services for inspiring the server to deliver the hosting requirements. We ensure to offer rich and functional experience with high performance with the server hosting services.

How to select the right server solution for your enterprise?

Selecting the right web host is indeed a big decision for website owners because without a web host the website won’t perform. There won’t be storage facility for the websites to store the files that and essential documents that are to be displayed on the website. VPS & Dedicated Server hosting are the common and very basic shared hosting plans.

There are numbers of differences between VPS & Dedicated Server Hosting. A person needs to select the right hosting platform that would be better for the website and power the website. Hosting is generally broken down to four types among which VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting scores higher!

What is dedicated server and its integrated features?

  • Dedicated servers are regarded to be faster and powerful with the featured choices.
  • The dedicated servers occupy the upper strata of web hosting performance spectrum.
  • Dedicated servers are under complete control of the customers and can be rebooted as per requirements and customized.
  • Dedicated servers can run anything that can easily be handed by the hardware.
  • The dedicated servers collect the resources together for the disposal of a single customer.

Why to consult us for server hosting solutions?

  • Chittaranjan does have high efficiency to allot the host the website selecting the best hosting server as would be applicable.
  • We offer live support services to the enterprises that helps the enterprises to get the right server solutions and meet the professional demands.
  • We offer client centric solutions as per the requirements of the clients and as it would be perfect for the enterprise.
  • We are well known for fast deployment of server solutions that is best in class.
  • We charge the most competing price in the market for rendering exact server hosting solutions.

What is vps and the integrated functional features?

  • Virtual Private Servers –VPS is widely popular than the dedicated servers that ensures high performance.
  • VPS shares a single server that distinguishes it from dedicated servers but allows sharing number of physical resources like CPU, disk space and RAM.
  • VPS Solutions allows minimum allocation of the resources and makes it available when the server allows for the load.
  • VPS solutions allows the users to have access to the same features and resources that are provided with a dedicated server and along this, they have freedom to access and install other applications and make changes when necessary.
  • A single computer can have several numbers of VPS and each one can be operated with its own operating system.