Chittaranjan Offers SSL Certificates for Websites

Chittaranjan provides SSL certificates that ensure the strongest encryption of the website. We provide the best identity assurance for the websites so that the visitors would learn more about the enterprise they are dealing with. We have different scales and packages for SSL certificates and as per applicable features and requirement of the enterprise, we provide the certificate.

SSL Certificate from Chittaranjan is designed for meeting the varying needs. These certificates do have additional hard-to-find features like browser trust and strong encryption. We are recognized in the web world as a trusted security brand for providing high layered security solutions which help in increasing confidence level of the consumers towards the enterprise. We offer the best solutions intending to leverage the brand’s authenticity and security with secured identity.

Why is it essential to hold SSL Certificate?

Is your website SSL certified? It is essential to posses SSL certificate for the website as it authenticates the identity and encrypts the information that is sent to server via SSL technology. SSL certificate is considered as the backbone of secured internet that successfully protects the sensitive information transferred across the computer networks globally.

SSL certificates are the small data files which are bind digitally the cryptographic key with the organization details. For protecting a website SSL certificate is essential as it provides privacy, data integrity as well as critical security for website and personal information. SSL certification of the website creates an encrypted connection between the web browser visitors and the web server!

Why is it essential to hold SSL Certificate for a website?

  • SSL certificate serves as an electronic identification for the website that establishes online the authenticity of the enterprise on the web platform.
  • SSL certificate contains certificate holder’s name, serial number, and expiry date, copy of the certificate holder’s public key as well as the digital signature of the certificate-issuing authority.
  • SSL certificate establishes a secured connection when any user attempts to send any confidential information to the web server.
  • Holding SSL certificate prevents the attackers from tampering the data or information transferred between the website and the user’s browser.
  • It amazingly protects the sensitive information and also protects the website from malware and prevents others from featuring advertisements on the website.

What do you get from us?

  • At Chittaranjan, we offer full line SSL certificates that are designed as per the varying needs.
  • We provide Wildcard SSL, Single Certificate, Multi-domain Certificate, Extended validation certificate and extended validation multi-domain certificate.
  • We feature varying packages for SSL certificate and as applicable we would offer the best certificate at most comprehensive price.